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Startup Items Needed???

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Hello. I just purchased True Image 2013. I have a question concerning what Acronis items are starting up with my system. I am also a gamer, and the fewer programs I have starting up the better.

All I am simply doing with Acronis True Image 2013 is to save my Files and Partition to a backup external USB drive. I do NOT do any online backups.

I am using "msconfig". In the "Startup" tab I have listed: "Acronis Scheduler Helper", "Acronis Tib Mounter", "Acronis Timmounter Monitor" and "Acronis True Image".

In the "Services" tab I have listed: "Acronis Nonstop Backup Service", "Acronis Scheduler 2 Service", and "Acronis Sync Agent Service".

I had the 2012 version and as I remember I had to leave the "Acronis Scheduler Helper" under "Startup" and leave the "Acronis Scheduler 2 Service" under "Services" for things to work for the way I use Acronis.

However there are a couple new ones I see on the list with 2013 that was not there with 2012.

Can you please tell me which ones are safe to remove from the "Startup" and "Services" tabs and still be able to do my external USB backups of my Files and Partition?

Thank you.

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"Acronis Scheduler Helper" DISABLE. Notifies the scheduler of logon/logoff events
"Acronis Tib Mounter" DISABLE. You won't be able to mount images.
"Acronis Timmounter Monitor" DISABLE. ou won't be able to mount images.
"Acronis True Image Monitor" DISABLE. You won't see the system tray and the notifications

"Acronis Nonstop Backup Service" DISABLE. You won't be able to use NSB or T&D
"Acronis Scheduler 2 Service" ENABLE. Necessary to run ATI interactively, even if you don't schedule your backups.
"Acronis Sync Agent Service" ENABLE or DISABLE with Fix. Disabling will create COM Surrogate errors. There is a fix that should address these. Putting it on manual doesn't solve the problem. post #43

Disable the integration of ATI with Windows.

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Unable to run re-installed version of Acronis disk monitor. Error message: see that scheduler2 is running and set to automatic. Unable to find solution. My re-installed version of Acronis True Image Home runs perfectly. thanx for your help Charlie Hamilton