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Acronis Scheduler Helper not removed when Acronis 2015 was uninstalled

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It appears that some remnants of Acronis 2015 were not remove during uninstall. Acronis Scheduler Helper continues to launch scheduler 2. Both are running as processes. They are probably harmless. But I would like to remove them. Ideas for doing that?

Thank you in advance!



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Victor, if you want to completely remove all traces of ATIH 2015 then you should download the Acronis Cleanup Tool (link in my signature) and run this as Administrator followed by doing a reboot of your computer.

Please note: that using the Cleanup Tool will remove all Acronis data, including Disk Director if that is installed, plus will remove all your task configuration and history information too.

See also topic: [How to] uninstall a previous installation if you want a more detailed step by step set of instructions for doing this type of uninstall.