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Keeps triggering navigation sound

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I was wondering what was repeatedly (not constantly but at occasionally for several times) making a clicking noise on my desktop PC.  I recognized the sound as the "Windows Navigation Start.wav" sound usually assigned to Windows Explorer to make a click noise when I selected to navigate through folders.  To figure out what process was accessing that WAV file, I used SysInternals' ProcMon to watch using a Path rule for access that contained the filename (but not the full folder path since that .wav file has multiple copies under various sound themes).  To verify the filtering in ProcMon was working, I opened Windows Explorer and navigated through some folders.  Sure enough Procmon showed explore.exe accessing that .wav file.  I waited for a while (not sure how long since I left the computer sitting idle for a few hours.  I was surprised upon returning to my computer to find the ARPTray.exe process was accessing that .wav file.  That's the tray icon and GUI app for Acronis Ransomware Protection (ARP).

Why is the ARPTray.exe process -- which isn't even opened to be visible -- accessing the "Windows Navigation Start.wav" to play that sound?  The app is not visible, just sitting as an icon in the system notification area (aka system tray).  Yes, I could mute the sound of my computer but I do use sound in other apps.  I'm not muting due to a rogue app making noises when it isn't even being used but should be sitting idle in the background (it's the tray app, not the ARP service).

The only configuration options available are to decide whether to trust or block some processes or to configure which folders to include in the cloud backup.  There are no other config options in ARP, so there is no option to enable/disable sounds -- and, frankly, this app shouldn't be making any sounds!  I'm sitting at my computer doing some work and start hearing click, click, click, pause, click, click, click.  It's annoying.  ProcMon shows that ARPTray.exe is the only process touching that .wav file (as long as I don't use Windows Explorer during the test period).

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Oh goody, ARP refuses to uninstall.  I start the uninstall, it opens a web page for a stupid survey (none of their business why I uninstall), I close that, but their uninstaller just sits brain dead displaying "Uninstalling".  Been that way for a long time.  Maybe it was deleting the uploaded files to cloud storage (which means the uninstaller's progress bar is uninformative) but that takes only sending a flag to have the server do the deletes.  After 20 minutes, I killed it, did the remnant registry and file system cleanup that took 45 minutes due to the hundreds of registry entries left behind, rebooted, and verified the malicious anti-malware was actually removed. 

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Hello VanguardLH,

Thank you very much for your detailed description!

We have found the issue with sound, it is quite rare but we will do our best to fix this in one of the next updates.