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Starting Acronis UEFI Loader Error 0x40007

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Snap Deploy 5 (5.0.1,780) Trying to PXE boot to create an image. I have secure boot disabled in the bios but getting the error (see attached). This is our 1st attempt to creating a Windows 10 image using UEFI configuration. We have been able to create a UEFI Window 7 image in the past.

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Hello Brian,

Thank you for your posting! I'd recommend taking a read of the thread where a similar issue was discussed

There was a known issue that  6x4 Win PE media was not loading if UEFI boot mode was enabled on the x64 PC. If you are using a WinPE media to boot the target machine, I'd try with the Linux-based bootable components. 

Another suggestion would be installing the build 1761  it contains fixes not present in 1780 and would be preferable to be used until the next official update that will contain all the fixes from 1761. (Make sure all components are on the same build and re-upload bootable components to PXE)