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very slow tape recovery

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We write our backups on LTO6 tapes. Now we want to recover part of a tape backup, but it's very slow. In 3 days we recovered 200GB of 2TB. There are about 11 million elements on the tape.

Is there a way to speed up the recovery????? We use Backup Advanced (build 11.7.50088).

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I just checked, our catalog is about 320Gb in size. We want to restore the whole tape.

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Hello Tino,

welcome to Acronis forums!

When you do a disk-level backup to tape, Acronis Backup consistently writes a sequence of data blocks from your HDD to a tape. It means that if files on your disk are significantly defragmented, then the tape will be rewinded several times in both directions to find all parts of the file that is being restored at that moment. That is the reason why a file restore from a disk-level backup stored on tape is that time-consuming.

Thus, we recommend doing file/folder backups on tape: in this case, a sequence of complete files but not disk blocks are written on tapes.