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Migrate Easy aborts upon drive error (PC goes to sleep)?

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In the past few weeks my windows vista boot drive started to make loud clicking sound once in a while. I figure it may not have long to live, so I want to clone it to another drive.

The boot drive is 250GB but only 150GB is in use. I have a spare 200GB drive so I use that as the destination drive.

I downloaded a trial of acronis migrate easy and everything runs fine initially. It reboots into text mode and shows the copy progress. When it reaches about 38%, the C drive makes a clicking sound, the screen turns blank and the PC goes to sleep mode (the power LED blinks). If I press the power button to restart the PC, the disk activity light flashes but there is no display. If I turn off power and turn it on again, acronis says "completed" and boots into windows again. There is nothing on the destination drive, not even a valid partition.

Just to make sure the PC is not really going to sleep, during the copy process I press the shift key and wiggle the mouse every few minutes but that didn't help.

BTW, I tried the seagate discWizard (looks like a rebranded version of Migrate Easy) with the exact same result.

Any idea how to proceed?

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Sounds like the disk is very very close to failure.


1. Run chckdsk -r - that might repair the disk enough to allow cloning to complete.

2. Wrap the failing drive in a freezer bag or similar and place in the freezer for about 10 minutes - if the platters or head are slightly warped, this might bring everything back into alignment allowing a clone to complete.

3. Remove the failing drive from the PC and place in the external drive caddy, place the new 200GB drive into the PC and perform a reverse clone, from the CD.

I haven't got my list handy, but are there any restrictions in the function of the trial version?

The only restrictions for the trial version is that it will only work for 15 days from install.