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Error when trying to install Acronis agent from AMS (Acronis Backup 11.5)

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I always normally installed the Acronis agent through AMS, but recently it started to give an error when trying to install it.

If I manually install it on the machine and then try to add it to AMS, it works.

But doing the agent installation through AMS no longer works.

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And not problem with firewall

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Hello Henrique,

Welcome to Acronis forums!

According to the information from the screenshot that you've shared,

you could try the following things:

1) Failed to get information about remote machine - follow recommendations from this KB article

2) Update your software to the latest available build in your account (the build #38573 was released in ~2013-2014)

3) Trobleshhot remote installation issue as instructed here

4) Install this Agent locally

5) If nothing above helps upgrade to the currently developed version Acronis Cyber Protect 15