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How can I make the replication process happen faster? prioritize acronis use of the network or threading?

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This is a low priority question..

Hi Anyone who can help please:

I have finally gotten backup advance 11.7 50088 to seem to be working mostly well.  However, the replication process takes a huge amount of time!  We have a multi-point VPN setup on fast cable connections (remembering that the speed of the VPN is based on the SLOWER upload speeds).  Never the less, the data moves at a fraction of the upload speed!

This gives me the impression that Acronis is trying to protect the bandwidth from being over used?  And the VPN is there to support the backup and we would really really like the replication to happen faster.  On a full backup, it takes 10 days which isn't bad but for daily incrementals, it's taking a whole day to move which is horrible (should take hours).  

My question? Is there anyway to tell acronis to take up more bandwidth or even open up completely?  Or are there settings to help the buffering or bandwidth management?  I really need this to move data faster?

Any ideas are welcome and ALL, even weak ideas will be appreciated as I have no idea what will help!


ps. current replication of incrementals is already past 24 hours.. and is still at 5 to 8% (I have 3 going in either direction).


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Hello T G

thank you for your posting! 

It is hard to suggest here, not knowing the exact network configuration, but we have general recommendations how to improve backup/replication performance. 

1) Increase replication performance in Task Manager for service_process.exe on the agent to "high"

2) Set replication for the time when the overall load on the network is low

3) If you are backing up to a network share “A” and replicating backup to network share “B” the agent that performs backup will replicate it. This will basically double the network transfer as the data will go from “A” to agent and then from agent to “B”.

4) Replication from deduplication vault will undeduplicate the backup first then send undeduplicated data to destination and deduplicate it there

I would also suggest installing the latest update 50230, which includes important fixes

I hope I could help you here. If you have any additional questions, please let me know. 

Thank you!