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ACROCMD - BootMode - Firmware Interface

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Is there a command line switch to simulate the "Boot Mode" option?

Through the Web Interface I can select "As on the backed-up machine", but not in command line.

Because of this, restore of a non UEFI disk on a UEFI system automatically gains a an EFI partition. Quite annoying.


The reason I am using ACROCMD is that I have created a C# application that utilises/wraps ACROCMD to Backup and Restore images.

I have done this so I can have my own RFID Card authentication and logging without giving everyone access to the WebInterface, as the WebInterface does not allow BackUp & Restore whilst restricting access to the Vault.


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Hello Steve,

thanks for posting on Acronis forums.

Selecting boot mode is not currently available in the command-line interface. Thank you for this option suggestion. I have added it in the command-line improvements list (ABR-135402).

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Thanks for your reply. Thats great news.

Just out of interest, would you know if that would be in a major(13.0) or minor(12.#) release?


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Hello Steve,

the task for the command line improvements is in the backlog now..more realistic would be the next major version