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Acronis Advanced Backup 12.x Locks/Freezes VM while running SQL Server backup

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While executing SQL Server backup of 14GB database on a VM, CPU used by acronis server_process jumps to 75-86%, memory utilization jumps as well. VM becomes unstable, nobody can do anything on the database due to the error:

Log request timeout period exceeded.

Then we try to cancel the backup from dashboard clicking "Cancel" link yet nothing happen. Trying to "Stop All" on the local agent doesn't produce any results either. Finally we have to go to task manager and kill the acronis "server_process". Then everything goes back to normal where database/VM become operational again.


Anybody else experienced the same? Any resolution to this?

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To back up a machine with MS SQL Server, use Acronis Agent inside the operating system.

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Thats how Acronis SQL Server Agent was installed.

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Hello Vlad Z

welcome to Acronis Forums! 

You cannot cancel the creation of a snapshot by design. Looks like something blocks the creation of a snapshot because of VSS issues. 

A VSS writer is application-specific software that acts to ensure that application data (your SQL database) is ready for shadow copy creation. Windows OS includes a set of VSS writers and VSS-aware applications install own VSS writers to the machine.

To troubleshoot VSS issues, download and run Acronis VSS Doctor on your VM server
If this does not help, please share a screenshot of this backup task for the SQL Server backup.