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VM Backup Succeeded with warnings

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I am planning on integrating my Advanced 11.5 backup environment with my vSphere cluster. I have a trial ESX Appliance with a license on it. I am able to see my virtual machines and initiate a backup.


What happens next is that when the backup starts I see it take a snapshot of the virtual machine and mount it on the appliance and begin backing it up in the logs. 

Shortly after the backup has started I see the following logs multiple times in my logs which result in my backup "Succeeded with Warnings" and however it seems the backup completed and my test restore was successful I dont know how well Management is going to accept a product giving warnings on every backup. I have searched the KB and Forum quite a bit and unable to find somone that has also had this error. Which leads me to believe people just ignore it but I would kind of like to find the option and disable it. 

*VM that was backed up was a windows server 2012 R2*



Warning 1

Code: 5,439,488(0x530000)

Module: 83

Message: Failed to find a virtual disk that matches system device 'sdc'.


Warning 2

The SCSI ID of device 'sdc' is empty.
Additional info: 
Error code: 262
Module: 83
LineInfo: 7feed46a356d5559
Fields:  $module : esx_srv_glx_pic_43800
Message: The SCSI ID of device 'sdc' is empty.


Warning 3

Failed to find a virtual disk that matches system device 'sdc'.

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Hi Christopher,

This warning can be given under various different conditions and may be related to either Acronis appliance virtual disks infrastructure conflict with the attached backed up disk or to configuration of the particular VM being backed up (if the warning is thrown for one VM only). We've fixed several causes of this problem in past updates, but looks like there are still some of them left. In either case you should contact our support team for assistance with this issue.

Thank you.


Best regards,


Acronis Virtualization Program Manager

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I managed to figure out the problem... well the fix for me. Looks like SDC was the second HDD on the ESX Appliance with SCSI ID 1:0

in the DMESG Logs I was getting errors with the file system reading that drive. 

While waiting for support to reply from the logs I gave them I decided to deploy a second ESX Appliance and test a backup with that. I received no issues with the ESX appliance. 

Appears the fix is to remove the old appliance and build a new appliance and move all your VM's to be owned by the new appliance.