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Only one e-mail notifications for backup / not per agent

Thread needs solution
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Good day, we conducted our backup software completely on Acronis (Advanced) this week.
For our VMs I created a backup plan that includes all VMs.
The VMs are backed up by a total of 6 agents on the hosts (ESXi).
Now I expected, which is dispatched after the backup e-mail, whether the backup was successful or it has come to errors.
Unfortunately it is so, which will be sent an e-mail per agent. This means that have been if all VMs are backed up via a secured agents, this agent sends a status message. Is the next agent ready, also sends this mail, etc.
Is it the not possible to send only one e-mail if the corresponding backup plan has been executed, and not individually for each agent (Virtual Appliance)?
So this is not particularly useful.

Our build is: 11.5.43994

Thank you.

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Thank you for feedback.

We are going to include ability to send only one email per backup plan in the future versions.