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Xp onto a Win 7 Machine

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Hi all, go easy with me being a newbie please :)

I use Acronis 10 back up and Recovery with universal restore. i have in the past used it successfully. However, i am wondering if anyone can shed any light with regard to putting an XP based back up onto a windows 7 machine. Is it possible? i.e. An XP machine failed. I obtained a windows 7 machine from our IT department, but the back up for the XP fails. It fails in such that the XP logon screen comes on, but then the PC reboots and asks if I want to open the last good know configuration etc etc. This is constantly repeated. Any advice would be more than appreciated.

Thank you.

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You can transfer a Windows system from one type of hardware to another type of hardware using our Acronis Universal Restore. 

But please note that this remove and replace the existing Win 7 system on you second machine.