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VMProtect 8 - Backup ESXI configuration failed

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I use vmProtect 8.0.8184 with vmware appliance.
I can't backup my ESXi configuration, the other tasks works fine.

I've already create another task with another file location but I've the same error :

La tâche 'Sauvegarde configuration ESX2' a échoué : 'L'opération de sauvegarde a échoué sur l'hôte ESXi « ».
Informations additionnelles :
Code d'erreurs : 13
Module : 458
LineInfo : 60d54fe10d95ed0b
Champs :
Message : L'opération de sauvegarde a échoué sur l'hôte ESXi « ».
Code d'erreurs : 2
Module : 458
LineInfo : b958040dedf1d37c
Champs :
Message : Échec du déplacement vers la position 17920 dans l'archive TAR.
Code d'erreurs : 4
Module : 4
LineInfo : d18a9c757ef132fe
Champs :
Message : Le disque est plein.


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Acronis Program Manager
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Hi Jean-Paul,

The problem is that there is insufficient space on vmProtect virtual appliance local disks. The ESXi configuration backup is first formed in /tmp folder on appliance and after that it is copied over to the backup destination defined in the backup wizard. You should clean-up the appliance by clearing up the logs first: View->Show Logs->Clear Log and if this doesn't help then clean up additionally /tmp/core and /var/log/messages files as described in article.

Tip: you can check the amount of free space on appliance by running "df" command from the command prompt of the appliance (in vSphere client go to appliance console and press Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Space+F1, then Alt+F2 to switch to command prompt). The typical size of ESXi configuration backup is 300-500MB so you need to ensure there is enough free space on /dev/sdb1 .

P.S. this problem is mitigated in the 9th version of Acronis vmProtect (now called Acronis Backup for VMware) where the default size of the virtual disk used by appliance is increased to 4GB from 2GB.

Thank you.
Best regards,
Acronis Virtualization Program Manager