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Esxi Host Bakup Error

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When I try to backup my Esxi host. Only one of them give an error, others are OK. 

The following error has occurred while executing the backup script: 'Traceback (most recent call last):

For details please see attachment.


(We use acronis backup 12.5)




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Hello Arif,

thank you for posting on Acronis forums!

I have found several cases with the similar error. This issue is related to the ESX environment. Re-attaching the storage of the host helps in resolving this issue. Otherwise, we recommend contacting VMware support.

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Hello Maria;


1) I made a storage network changing one week ago (example set storage network from to I think problem may be occured because of this, Is this possible ?

2) And If I redeploy my host to Acronis, may it work ?



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Hello Arif

sorry for the delayed response! I think you can try changing the network settings in the appliance config as follows


Under Agent options, in vCenter/ESX(i), click Change and specify the vCenter Server name or IP address. The agent will be able to back up and recover any virtual machine managed by the vCenter Server.

If you do not use a vCenter Server, specify the name or IP address of the ESXi host whose virtual machines you want to back up and recover. Normally, backups run faster when the agent backs up virtual machines hosted on its own host.

Specify the credentials that the agent will use to connect to the vCenter Server or ESXi. We recommend using an account that has the Administrator role assigned. Otherwise, provide an account with the necessary privileges on the vCenter Server or ESXi.

You can click Check connection to ensure the access credentials are correct.