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Acronis Cyber Infrastructure 4.6 Update 2 has been released!

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Hello Everyone,

Please be aware about Acronis Cyber Infrastructure 4.6 Update 2 release.

Build number: 4.6.2 - 10

Fixed issues:
·       [VSTOR-45618] Incorrect storage usage values are reported.
·       [VSTOR-45724] Some users cannot access S3 via the user panel.
·       [VSTOR-45871] Failed to register backup storage by using the endpoint.
·       [VSTOR-44252] Detection of slow disks works inside virtual environments.
·       [VSTOR-45841] The "default" storage policy should be selected for new volumes by default.
·       [VSTOR-45372] Cannot create a load balancer if the amphora image is assigned a placement or all compute nodes are in placements.
·       [VSTOR-45506] The 'kubectl port-forward' command does not work without the socat binary.
·       [VSTOR-44969, VSTOR-45884, VSTOR-44462, VSTOR-45323, VSTOR-45923, VSTOR-45808] Stability and performance improvements.
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