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Application backup cPanel can't turned on

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I realized that on a backup plan there's an option for cPanel, on Application backup, that seems it can't be turned on:


image 787


This particular server is a cPanel server with the Acronis Plugin installed, but on the Acronis Cyber Cloud this option appears but can't be turned on.


Anyone can give me a clarification what this option does and why it can't be turned on?


At first I was excited to think that this would allow us to recover cPanel accounts and other particular user stuff on the Acronis Cyber Cloud panel, instead of the cPanel/WHM plugin. But I think this isnt' the case.



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Hello Emanuel,

thank you for your posting! As it turns out, the application-aware backup feature for cPanel is not in a production-ready state and cannot be enabled at the moment. The feature is expected to be fully implemented in the future product versions. I've passed this topic to the product management for review and will let you know once we get more details. 

Currently, the backup operation can be performed from the cPanel side, please follow the article:

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Nice catch Emanuel Vicente ;)

BTW It would be great if we could also restore databases from that application-aware backup feature for cPanel when it's ready! 

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Dear Emanuel Vicente,
Please let us know was your problem that you presented here resolved if yes, what helped you?

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Hello Daria Sorokina

As Ekaterina said, I think this option is not in production-ready yet, so it can't be turned on for now.

By the way, there are any news about this and what kind of features it will bring?

It would be great if it could restore/download databases and cPanel account backups from the Acronis Cyber Protect Console.