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Recover backups directly from Storage Node depots with MVP tool - possible?

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Dear community and support,

i have a specific question regarding the use of the recovery function when using the MVP tool :

when recovering with the old recovery CD of the Acronis 11.5, it was possible to browse through the depots and select backups from the specific storage nodes, you only had to have a connection to the specific server. therefore on the left side of the file browser there was the option "Storage Nodes" (next to local folders, Network, etc.)

Now i am using Acronis True Image 2021 and i am missing this Storage Node option when browsing for the desired backup to recover, meaning i first have to export it from my management console as .tib file, and can not directly browse through my depots. Is there a possibility to get this working? Would be very much appreciated!

PS: i am recovering backups made with 11.5 with the MVP powered by Acronis True Image 2021 and generally it's working very good! I switched to MVP because it was so easy to set up including the drivers for M.2 SSD which was not supported with the old recovery CD.


thanks and best regards

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Unfortunately networking is not one the True Image strong points.  In general terms the issue may be a lack of driver support.  It is possible to add drivers to the MVP media as you know so if you can do that you might have some success.

Having said that you will not see the Storage Node entry in the TI app like you did in the 11.5 media due to the fact that storage nodes are not supported still, you should be able to browse to the node location using the path field.

Example //devicename/sharename/

If credentials are required you should be prompted along the way.