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Acronis Disk Director 12 - merging partitions

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In Acronis Disk Director 12, when merging partitions, what does it do when the merged pathname is too long?

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ADD 12 Forum - merging ptns - pathname

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Hello IHTurbo,

Thank you for your posting! Would you mind sharing an example of such situation? A couple of screenshots would be helpful to address your question. 

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Hi Ekaterina,


I don't actually have an example, as I was trying to be proactively preventative!

I recently had to do such a merge, moving 1x 2TB & 1x 1.5TB hard disk drives (HDD) on to a 3TB HDD & I was wondering (worrying) what would happen if a pathname was too long.

I was wondering if it would stop at that point; make the folder inaccessible; or, completely wreck the file system on the destination HDD.

Any info or suggestions would be much appreciated.