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Copy NT signature question

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Just upgraded to DD 12.  Previously cloned disks including SSDs with TI.  I saw a comment about the use of Copy NT signature when cloning from a laptop HDD to a laptop SSD (to replace the boot drive on the laptop with the new SSD.  My question is, when cloning to replace the existing C: drive on a laptop should I use the Copy NT signature option or not?  My guess is yes.  Thanks in advance.

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Michael, welcome to these public User Forums.

If you are cloning your OS HDD to a new SSD drive, then providing you are not going to have both drives connected when booting into Windows, you should copy the disk signature.

Many applications use the signature for activation so this is important for that reason.

Note: not sure if you are referencing doing cloning using Disk Director here - this forum is for Acronis True Image 2019 but the principle remains the same regardless.

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Many thanks for the speedy reply.  That is as I thought but wanted to be sure.  I have been using TI for years and just bought the DD newest version.  The DD email ad I received mentioned cloning as a feature.  When I created the bootable media TI showed up.  Perfect as I am very used to that interface and it has worked very well for me.

Merry Christmas.  The help is appreciated.