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Thread needs solution
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I try to reduce the size of a dynamic disk (spanned), get this error:



What could be the reason?

Thank you

P.S. Acronis Disk Director 12


Добрый день!

Пытаюсь уменьшить размер динамического диска (составной), получаю такую ошибку:


(см. скриншот)

В чем может быть причина?


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Hi Alex!

This issue may be caused by insufficient privileges, the program was launched with, so please, run Acronis Disk Director with administrative privileges (Run as administrator). Also, please, try to create a bootable media and try the same action from the bootable media. 



Возможно причина в недостаточных правах пользователя, запустившего процесс. Пожалуйста, запустите программу от администратора и попробуйте заново. Создайте, пожалуйста, загрузочный носитель и попробуйте аналогичное дейстаие с него. 


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I am having the same issue. ran as admin. also boot media got different error

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Hello archie hankey,

thank you for your posting! What product version\build is used here? I'd recommend trying with the latest build and if the issue persists, contacting Acronis support team for the more in-depth investigation. 

Generally, make sure that the file system is supported by Acronis Disk Director and the drives are free from errors.