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Ransomware Protection update 1700 preventing PC start

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I received an update message for Ransomware Protection and applied the update.  When the update was complete it asked for a restart.  However after the usual screens I received a Windows message that the PC had failed to start and offered a Repair.  After ther Repair screen an option to Restore appeared and this restore the PC to an earlier point.  But I also had a message that Ransomware was not available and when I tried to turn it on it would no do so.  I tried a repair installation of the original Ransomware but this advised a later version (1700) was installed.  I downloaded the update from the Acronis site and installed it again but at the restart point the PC failed and it was necessary to Restore it again.

System is Windows 7 Pro SP1

Can anyone offer a solution to the problem or must I uninstall the software and do without it?

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