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Acronis Loader fatal error: At least 512 Kb of conventional memory required to start Acronis Loader

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I have searched and searched and am not finding an acceptable fix to this issue.

I am in the middle of imaging and deploying 80+ computers and ran out of v4 licenses. We purchased more licenses which were version 5. So, I updated our cloning server to version 5. Now, I get the above error when I image machines. The only thing which changed from the first 36 computers to the next batch was the v5 upgrade. ( Yes, I can boot into BIOS, change the SATA config to AHCI, Reboot, Image the machine, reboot into BIOS and set it back to SATA, reboot and let the configuration of the computer continue. But this is tripling the time that it took me to image with version 4. I am imaging Dell Optiplex 9020's with an Intel I217-LM Ethernet adapter with Hardware ID: PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_153A&SUBSYS_05A41028&REV_04.

PLEASE provide a patch, update, hack, or whatever, so that I can continue to PXE-boot to Acronis with the out-of-the-box BIOS/SATA/RAID configuration

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Hello Chris,

Please refer to this article for more information on the problem. If you don't use Intel RAID please contact our support team for investigation.

Thank you.

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Hello, we too just upgraded to v5 and I have been attempting to image Dell Optiplexes with the same exact Ethernet Adapter. I had issues with version 4 that were related to the Dell Precision 1700 with the same Ethernet card. I got an update via PM for 4.587. Is there one for Snap Deploy 5?

I have not tried to do the BIOLS settings yet.

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Hello, Brian

Please also try the solution described in this article

If the issue still persists, contact our support team

Best regards.