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Image Not Listed in Management Console for Deployment

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I have an existing long standing SD environment for deploying Wintel (currently Windows 10) images thru the PXE boot feature of SD.  We've never used any other method to deploy images.  We connect the machine to our network thru the onboard NIC card and PXE boot to the SD server, one single server running all SD.  I just updated to SD5 (5.0.1,971) and successfully created a new image for our new desktops HP Z2 G4's.  I then successfully PXE boot the new machine, it loads the boot menu successfully I choose the agent option and it boots into the Waiting to Image screen.  Just like I always have thousands of times.  The issue: I dont see my new machine in management console anywhere like I always have thousands of times as an option to deploy to?  Its not there?  Does anyone have any ideas?

1.  I did initially have issues with network connectivity with the new PC trying to get it to PXE boot properly but that was because I was trying to disable secure boot and enable legacy boot.  So, I simply left secure boot disable legacy boot as is and changed the NIC card to the first order in the boot sequence and everything works like a charm. PXE boot and network wise I can now choose my network location and saved my new image there like I have thousands of times.

2.  I just cant get the machine to show up for deployment now.  I did try to uninstall PXE service after the update and re-install but no luck.

Thanks in advance if anyone has any ideas?

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Keep in mind that PXE uses different drivers than the actual Boot image, which contains it's own drivers.  I have a feeling that the network drivers for this HP system are not available in the current version of busybox that are in the updated version of Snap Deploy.  Where Windows tends to provide backwards and forward support for drivers with updates, Linux kernels tend to drop older support and add new drivers and this has caused problems for others.

As a test, build a Windows 10 ADK boot.wim and try to boot off of it instead.  Most likely if using a current version of ADK (windows 10 1809 or 1903), it will already have the drivers for your NIC.  However, it won't hurt to include them when you build the boot.wim too.  You can get HP specific WinPE drivers from: