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Snap Deploy 5 Client machine stays Connecting to OS Server - OS server stays in Preparing State

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I have managed to create an image of a machine. However, when trying to install the image remotely I am having issues. I put the Management Agent on a client machine and can see the machine in the Management Console. I create a deployment task for the selected image and assign it to the client computer. The client computer reboots into the Management Agent. However, it stays in the state of Connecting to OS Deployment Server. (It stays like this  until I cancel the deployment task or it reaches its timeout.) On the deployment server the client machine shows as preparing. Both machines are in the same subnet.

If I create a deployment CD and put the image (tib) file on a usb drive, I can install the image to the machine. However, I am unable to install the image through the network. Any advice is appreciated.

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I would check all ports are open and no AV is interfering. 

Acronis Snap Deploy uses the following IP Addresses:

  • IPv4 multicast address:
  • IPv6 multicast address: FF05::fAA5:741E

Acronis PXE Server of Acronis Snap Deploy uses the following ports and IP address:

  • UDP ports 67, 68, 69
  • Broadcast address: