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User-Initiated Deployment Reboot Loop

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Hi, I've been using Acronis for a while, and updated it to the last version (1993) to recreate my master as I have new machines setup. I did reinstall the whole server and it's running on a W2012 R2. Captures and Deployment goes well threw the WinPE environment (.wim file with integrated drivers) but I do have some trouble setting the User-Initiated Deployment. I did work well on the previous version, but this time, the deployment agent loop and restart. I reckon the trouble comes from the drivers wich are not injected in the Acronis Agent ? Is their any way to inject the drivers as we do for the ;wim ? Thanks

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Hello Brunet,

welcome to Acronis forums!

Could you please share more details on the issue with the Agent? Has the deployment been already started/finished?