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Master Image Creator with PXE Server

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I just received two new Lenovo P15 Gen1. I am using a PXE Server 41.0.1002 with ASD 5.0.1924.


Working in this setup with the current fujitsu laptops is no problem, but when I try to create a master image of the new Lenovos i get stuck with several things.


I select to connect to the PXE Server, this works. It shows the right IP and starts the UEFI Loadter 1.1.36

But it does not bring me the graphical interface, instead it brings me the usual black screen where I can select

1. Acronis Snap Deploy

2. Acronis Master Image Creator

c. Continuel Booting

this brings me to the next thing. I can proceed only by using an external Keyboard instead of the lenovo one.

So if i now select the "1" the screen just turns black and after some minutes the fan ramps up but nothing happens.

Secure Boot is disabled in the BIOS

Can anyone tell me if maybe the problem might be the PXE Server?


Thanks in advance!

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Hello Daniel,

thank you for your posting! I'd suggest re-uploading the bootable components to the PXE server as described in 
Please also refer to 47134: Acronis Software: Troubleshooting PXE Booting Issues