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Acronis will not wake my sleeping PC

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Hello, I have been living with this issue for some time and have finally decided to try and seek help. I have a Windows 7 Pro version running on my desk top I have Acronis True Image 2015 Standard version running. The program is running great. I have quite a few cooling fans inside my PC so when you walk by the office or try to sleep at night it sounds like an airport.   I can't allow the PC to sleep because Acronis will not wake it up to perform its backups. I have found the settings in Acronis and have done everything I could think of but to no avail. If anyone knows the answer I would greatly appreciate your advice.  Thank you in advance.


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Craig, take a look at the following forum topic that may help you with this issue.

Forum topic: Notebooks won't wake up for scheduled backups

I am assuming that you have correctly selected the Advanced Scheduling option to wake up the sleeping/hibernating computer

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Thank you steve. I will lokk into it. I really appreciate your help.