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ATI 2015 restore fails on image made from 2018

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I have a customer who is using ATI 2018, doing weekly backups. A hard disk was damaged, and now I am trying to restore a backup. I have taken the computer back to my shop where I have ATI 2015, and all attempts to restore from 4 different backups fails. Should I be able to restore a 2018 backup using ATI 2015?

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Charles, welcome to these public User Forums.

Many products do not allow for forward compatibility as you are trying to use here.

Acronis produce details of backwards compatibility between their products (see link in my signature) but this just means that they have confirmed that any new features introduced in later versions would not stop backups created by older versions being recovered.  The same is not true when trying to recover a backup created by a later version using rescue media from an older version.

I would recommend asking the customer to download the .ISO for their ATI 2018 product from their Acronis Account and create a bootable CD/DVD from this for you to use.

The alternative would be for you to take a 30-day trial of ATI 2020 to use for the recovery as this is backwards compatible with the 2018 .tib file.