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True Image 15 repair/deinstallation fails

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On a WHS2011 OS TI15 ran for some time. Now I wanted to start it. A repair was proposed and completed, but still it does not start. So I wanted to uninstall it, but it fails with a runtime error. Maybe one of many Windows updates created the problem. The system was unplugged for 2 years...

In the registry there are hundreds of entries for TI15, so a clean-up does not seem reasonable...

Does anybody have an idea, how to uninstall it?

Thanks for helping...


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Rainer, welcome to these public User Forums.

Please download the Acronis Cleanup tool - see link in my signature.  Run this as Administrator and follow the prompts it give you.  When the tool has finished, restart the computer before trying to reinstall ATI 2015 again using the latest version of the installer downloaded from your Acronis account.