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Acronis Boot CD auf Geräten mit Intel Atom Prozessor

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Vor einiger Zeit (Okt. 2013) erklärte man mir seitens Acronis, dass Acronis Boot CD auf Geräten mit einem Intel Atom Prozessor NICHT funktioniere. Zurzeit wende ich ATIH 2016 an und prüfe den Upgrade auf die Version 2017. FRAGE: können zukünftigt Images und Restores auf einem Gerät mit Intel Atom Prozessor durchgeführt werden?

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Ich denke das eine Supportanfrage beim deutschen Acronis-Support besser wäre, in der Woche tagsüber bei im "Live Chat" (oder zu jeder Tages und Nachtzeit über Email) um Hilfe zu bitten. (Ich erwarte, das die Acronissoftware immer noch PAE benötigt, aber man beim Support eine Non PAE Boot CD bekommen kann)

"Fragen zu Presales/ Lizenzen" - "Ich benötige Hilfe bei der Auswahl des Produkts" - Jetzt sollte "Live Chat" und "Email" (Webformular) verfügbar sein. Bei Supportanfragen über "Email" dauert es oft länger bis eine Antwort kommt.

Mindestanforderungen für "Live Chat":

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Renaiolo wrote: 
Some time ago (October 2013) I was told by Acronis Acronis boot CD was working on devices with an Intel Atom processor NOT . 
Currently I use ATIH 2016 and check the upgrade to version 2017. QUESTION: can zukünftigt Images and restores Atom processor are performed on 
a device with Intel ?


The atom processor should make no difference, it is not the problem.  I use Acronis on a few different tablets with an ATOM processor - my current is an ASUS T200-AC.  The problem is that these devices have only a 32-bit bios, even though they are using a 64-bit ATOM processor - as a result, you can only boot 32-bit media on them.

Also, many of these atom processor tablets use eMMC flash hard drives.  Driver support was introduced for those as of Acronis True Image 2016 v6559 and later.  If you are using anything older, it won't work.  The alternative would be to install Windows ADK and make a WinPE version of the bootable media.  However, I don't believe that Acronis 2013 will be able to detect and user newer versions of the Windows ADK (5.0 or 6.0) which would be needed for the proper drivers without having to do more work.  

Ultimately, if you have Acronis 2016 or the newer Acronis 2017, then it will work with these 32-bit devices (or eMMC flash hard drive devices) using the default LInux bootable recovery media. 

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Hello.  I have an HP stream G3 that uses a 64GB eMMC drive.  After creating an image, then booting the target device with the Acronis bootable media, I begin to deploy an image that was created to a USB Drive.  After selecting the image to deploy, I get an error that states, cannot deploy image to a removable drive as Acronis is showing my C:Drive and partitions as removable.  Is there a way around this so that I can deploy images to this machine? 

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David, when you speak about deploying images, what Acronis application are you using here?