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No current partition

Thread needs solution
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Currently using Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office, Build 40173 on Windows 11 Pro ver. 22H2 / OS build    22621.674 / Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22634.1000.0.

When backing up to a local external SSD lately, I've been getting failure notifications due to "No current partition".

There is a link next to the error message that says "Check for a solution", but when I click it, the support page says:

"We don't yet have a dedicated article for the issue you are experiencing. Here are our suggestions for further troubleshooting."

I see the external SSD just fine from File Explorer, so I'm skeptical that there's a partition problem, especially since I've been using the same SSD without any problems for a couple of years.

Any suggestions?

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Guy, welcome to these public User Forums.

The 'no current partition' normally refers to the source selection for a backup task rather than the destination.  This can happen after a new build of Windows such as Win 11 22H2 is installed which then changes the partition unique identifiers!

Reselecting the source for the backup task should fix this.