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Notification password no longer works in Window 7 64 bit

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I had a techie go somewhere into either google or  Chrome-privacy&security, and reset the PW for this same problem, and it worked. However, when I come back and have changed anything in an existing backup, it no longer works, I guess I need a new PW. How do I find it as my techie is not available?

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Millard, sorry but I am having problems understanding what your issue is here?

There should be nothing in Google / Chrome that affects your backup notifications?

Please provide more information on what exactly you are looking at here?

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Sorry the request was a bit complicated or hard to understand. My techie found out it had something to do with google, (not really sure with what he did, but it works now). and then created a new password.d

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Dear Millard arnold,
Thank you for the update.