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True image does not see external sata drive!

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i have a 1.5 TB drive that i use for backup.  my laptop has usb 3.0 ports, the drive has a usb 2.0 and a sata port.  i connect the drive using a usb 3 to sata converter cable and with win 10 it works fine.  but if i use the TI 2016 cd and boot from that it does not see the external drive when using the sata port.  i have to use the usb 2.0 port on the drive which is slower.  anything i can do?


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Selima, welcome to these public User Forums.

Sorry but this is a limitation of the ATI 2016 boot CD media which will be using a Linux kernel OS and does not have support for USB 3.x devices or ports.

You would need to create the alternative Windows PE version of the Acronis Rescue Media and then inject device drivers to support USB 3.x devices to that media.  The alternative would be to upgrade to ATI 2019 which has better support for newer hardware devices and which now defaults to creating Windows PE rescue media using the Windows 10 Recovery Environment as the source for the PE files used.