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Backup - Will it copy over a cloned copy?

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I have an internal disc and an external disc which are a direct copy of each other.  I copied the contents of the external drive back to the internal drive - I've just replaced the internal drive.  These are 6 TB drives with about 4 TB of data, so it takes a while to copy.

If I use the backup function in Acronis True Image 2017 to set the internal drive as the source and external as target, will the program start off by copying over the top of the existing external drive?  Or does it compare the discs prior to copying files.

Thank you in advance.

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Dave, welcome to these public User Forums.

Is your copied drive working after installing it in place of the original internal drive?

It is not recommended to use normal Windows Explorer type copy commands to copy Windows OS files as this can stumble over any locked files etc, unless this is done completely outside of Windows.

Please see the link in my signature for the Difference between Backup and Cloning for how ATI 2017 works.

Backup creates a storage container .tib file on the target drive - it does not copy any individual files or folders to that drive.