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make a backup on a precise date

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Hello All, I want a know if i can make a backup on a precise date like today for a future restore when i going to need it.


My pc is running like i want and i want to preserve that situation.


Somebody can help me with that

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Andre, you can always make a backup on a precise date either manually or by using the Schedule option for the backup task - both can be done from within Windows using the ATI application.

In order for this backup to be available at a future date when you may need to recovery your computer back to this precise point in time, you would then need to protect that backup image file and prevent it from being accidently overwritten, corrupted or lost.

For most computer systems, a full backup is really only good for a short period of time as lots of changes tend to happen with new Windows OS and application updates, other program and application updates, antivirus definition updates, plus of course all your user activity to create new documents, store new photographs etc. 

So you should be considering a more comprehensive backup strategy where you make regular full and incremental or differential backups, and where you keep more than one such backup version chain, so that you have the choice to recover your computer back to more than one point in time.

See web article: The Ultimate Guide to Computer Backup which Acronis has published on their Articles web site and which explains more about recommended backup strategies.