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Question about subscription pricing and renewal

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Sorry, no experience with purchasing a subscription version (cloud storage).  Assume I purchase the 1-computer, 1-year subscription for $39.99.  I won't be charged another $39.99 prior to the start of the 2nd year if I cancel prior to renewal, will I?  In other words, I'll still have the full TI 2017 product to use going forward, just without Acronis storage and cloud features, correct?  I may want to try cloud for a year before committing to a recurring $39.99/year.

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Sorry, but if you purchase a subscription version then it will work only for the period of your subscription, i.e. 1 year.  If you cancel after that time, then it will only be able to be used to restore backups you created outside of the Cloud storage.  Cloud storage will be deleted after 30 days when your subscription ends.

See KB document: 56514: Acronis True Image 2016 Editions and Licensing which also applies to 2017 (waiting for this to be updated)

Perpetual license means your license is unlimited in time. Annual subscription means your license is limited for 1 year. You can renew your subscription and continue using the product.

After your Acronis True Image Cloud subscription expires, all product functionality will be blocked until further subscription renewal, however, the backed up data is still accessible:

  • For 5 days after subscription expires you can continue making backups to cloud storage.
  • During 30 days after subscription expires you can restore data from Cloud Storage. Thirty days after subscription expiration the data in cloud storage is destroyed.
  • Local backups remain available for restore.
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Thanks for the clarification.  I was under the (mistaken) impression that after subscription expiration, I could still use the product from Windows (and bootable media) to create local backups.  Sounds like I'd need to renew my subscription to restore functionality, at least from within Windows.

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I would think bootable media would still work - it's completely outside of Windows.  Unless it has a pointer in teh application with the original purchaes data and shutsdown based upon the date in the bios.  I don't think that's the case, but am not sure. But yeah, when the subscription is up, if not renewed, your cloud backups will get deleted after 30 days and you won't be able to make new backups, but could still restore old ones.  I'd bet money that you could at least use the bootable media to still take offline backups though.