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Trying ATI 2017 with 2016 already installed

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New user here.  Have been running ATI 2016 with no issues.  Thinking of trying out ATI 2017 due to a desired feature.  I must apologize as I have not been able to find the answer to this question.  But do I have to uninstall ATI 2016 in order to try out ATI 2017?  If so, I assume I will be able to re-activate ATI 2016 if I don't want to keep ATI 2017?

Thanks in advance!


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Paul, welcome to these user forums.

When you install ATIH 2017 (or any new version of ATIH) it will always overwrite the previous version because they all use the same program folders and same binary executable file names.

You will need a new serial number for the 2017 version which is different to your 2016 serial unless you are just using the trial version.  

You will be able to revert back to 2016 but will need to uninstall 2017 first, then reenter the 2016 serial and activate the product again.

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Better yet, take a full image of your machine before installing 2017.  If you don't like it and want to revert back to 2016 without making any changes in the OS, then restore the backup that was just taken and it will be as if nothing ever happened (although, any other changes you've made to teh sysetm will also be reverted back to the restore point in time).  

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It is always a good idea to full image of the disk with the OS on it when moving versions. I do also do this before I allow Windows to update to a new build.

Usually an in place ATI update work OK, but I have had several instance where things have gone badly wrong. Putting that in perspective, I run ATI on about 10 systems so the risk is not a high as it first seems.

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Thanks very much to everyone for the great advice!  Looking forward to trying out the new version.