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2017 Mac Version Working Fine, Upgraded to 2018, Entered Serial Number - "Blocked."

Thread needs solution
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When I try to activate, the message is: Your account has been blocked. Please contact Acronis support team.

My account is in good standing, one other machine (Windows) still running 2017, no problems, same serial number. Support is not being very helpful. Started a thread, gave me a case number and some instructions, no response for two days.

Has anyone else experience this?



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Never seen this. (Possible it is MAC specific) It does not seem to be related to licencing (too many active machines) as that usually merely directs you to remove a machine for the listing. 

I did have a similar issue with the serial number being treated as invalid; that is fixed in the latest build of ATI for Windows. Not sure if that issue was in the MAC version, and if so, if it has been fixed with the recently released build. There may be something on this problem in the Acronis MAC Forum (I do not frequent it as I do not have a MAC).

You may need to contact Acronis support to resolve the problem.


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Jack, this is an issue that only Acronis Support can help to resolve and the delays in getting a response may simply be due to it being a weekend.

If you still do not get a response, then send a PM to Ekaterina who can take a look at your Acronis Account to try to see what the issue is?

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Thank you all for your responses. I've been in a thread with support all week. Nothing in a little over two days now. What did come was in 24 hour increments with directions that were either too confusing to execute or did nothing. I will PM the person you indicated above on Monday. Thank you very much. JB

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Hello Jack,

I've renewed the information about your active subscription in our internal system - please log in to your personal account once again and let me know, if the product was successfully activated.  If the issue will persist - it should be investigated by our expert team. 

En réponse à par Ekaterina

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Thank you Ekaterina! I'm not sure what you did but I tried it just now and it activated. Thank you so much.