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Desk top quick start keeps disappearing

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Silly question but over the last week or so, the Acronis icon on my desk top has disappeared three times. When I drag the Acronis True Image on to my screen to get a new icon it appears fine for a few minutes then changes to an icon that is a blank sheet of paper with the Acronis text underneath it.

Anyone seen this before or have any ideas at all please?

As far as I can tell, all my backups are being done and the programme is working as it should apart from the icon on the desk top.

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Mike, not a behaviour that I have ever seen myself nor seen reported in these forums that I can remember!  It sounds like you have something else involved here that is causing the desktop icon to 'disappear'...

You could try doing a Repair Install of ATI as per KB 60915: Acronis True Image: repairing program settings to see if this helps?

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I have seen this behavior with more than just Acronis True Image, but usually when I move the icon into a folder off of the desktop.  What is strange is that when I attempt to customize the shortcut the icon is there and is the correct one, but when I click on apply and then okay it simply goes back like it was and disappears.  Sometimes clicking on refresh option restores the icon and at other times it does not.  Sometimes if I choose to change the icon and then go to the same file and select it again it corrects itself.  However, once I get the icon back and displayed correctly it stays there and doesn't disappear again.  In some cases if I drag the icon from the sub-folder back to the desktop the icon returns (like in the second file), but not every time.   When all else fails I select a .ICO file and assign it to the shortcut even though the icon is simply a random icon and that seems to work every time.

This behavior seems to have started with one of the Windows 10 updates but I am not sure which exact one.  I am on version 2004 now.  

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