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Using latest Acronis Version to be able to back up 100 desktops in a Synology NAS

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I am investigating the possibility to purchase 100 perpetual license Acronis Workstation and back up in a Synology DS1019+ ( 56 Tb - raid 5 ) . 

I am not sure if this would work as I have read posts saying Synology NAS drive are not compatible with Acronis , even if this claims sound strange to me I thought better ask , can anyone confirm this claim ? 

Is Synology NAS drive compatible with Acronis ? 

Thank you 


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Paolo, welcome to these public User Forums.

I do regular backups from my own desktops & laptops to my own Synology (DS215j) NAS across my home network using a mix of wired and wireless connections with no issues.

I am not sure that Acronis will sell the volume of perpetual licenses you are looking at (100) and if you are looking at this volume of workstations, then you may need to consider looking at the Acronis business product range, i.e. Acronis Backup 12.5 rather than using Acronis True Image.

I would recommend opening a PreSales conversation direct with Acronis (see  How to get support? for details of contacting them, but follow the PreSales route, not Technical Support). 

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Thank you Steve ,

I will start conversation next Monday


have a great weekend ! 



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Acronis limits True Image licenses to 5 per registered email. Backup 12.5 would be the way to go in this case.

The NAS, itself should not be a limiting factor for connectivity. Where I could see an issue is the dual Nics (which is good as you want load balancing and port aggregation to support large data sets over the network). However. If it uses aggregation so that both ports are active at the same time, that might be an issue with how Acronis "remembers" the source location if it switches ports on a backup after the other port was initially used when setting up the backup.

If it all appears seamless to the client though, then it should work. I'd also recommend spacing backups out at different times of the day to avoid overloading it with too many simultaneous backup jobs that could be writing GB at the same time.

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I run a small network that is sub-netted into two segments and Acronis 2019 handles it with no problem.  I would think the Acronis Backup 12.5 product would do so as well and probably better.