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Setting up Full and Incremental Backups

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I want to set up a backup schedule that has a full backup and then 6 incremental backups each week. I am running Acronis True Image Echo Server Build 8398.

The problem I am having is that I set up a weekly full backup to happen on saturday night at 9.30pm and incrementals to happen every other day of the week at 5am, but it seems like the incrementals don't seem to realise a full backup has been made so the first incremental is as big as a full backup and then the incrementals are small like they should be after that.

The backups are currently being sent to a network drive on another computer if this helps with diagnosing.

The operating system of the machine I am backing up is Windows 2003 R2 Standard x64 Edition Service Pack 2 and it has Exchange 2007 Standard SP2 running on it.



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Don't worry, have worked it out. The filenames for the Full Backup and the Incremental Backup were different so it didn't recognise there was a Full Backup. Once they were set to the same name it worked as expected.

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I am using acronis for server backup but it takes mirror backup. Can we chnage mirror to incremental backup..?


Ravindra Singh

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Hello Ravindra,

Thank you for your posting! Please clarify the product version you are using and provide the screenshots of the backup settings and of the resulting archives.

Thank you,