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Acronis (version 9.0) -- creating boot CD

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I have an old version of ATI (9.0) and want to clone the HD of my Win XP computer on  to an external HD.

I seem to recall one could do this two ways: (1) with a bootable CD and (2) without bootable CD.

I recall that (1) was the best option because (2) uses a less-reliable method involving virtual memory swap (??).

Anyway, I lost my Acronis boot CD and forgot how to create the Acronis CD that allows me to clone my HDs.

Is this done via ATI's "Create Bootable Rescue Media" utility?


(P.S. I seem to recall that the CD had a Wizard interface similar to the version installed on my computer's HD. And it always worked flawlessly. This is the CD I want to create.)


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KH, please see forum topic: [IMPORTANT] CLONING - How NOT to do this for some important advice on this subject.

Using the Acronis Rescue Media to do this task is the recommended method to use.

You can create this on your computer if you have Acronis True Image installed, and you should find this as an option for the product via the Start menu in an Acronis sub-menu.

Alternatively you can download an .ISO CD image file from your Acronis account downloads page if you have registered your ATI product, then burn the ISO file to a CD using a program such as CDburnerXP (free).

For further information, you can download the ATI 9.0 User Guide and refer to this.