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Can't Find Acronis Management Console

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Can someone please tell me (or point me to information on) where to find the management console in Acronis True Image 2015?

The following KB page says to "Open Acronis management console and navigate to the vault" :

I've done this with no trouble in previous version of Acronis True Image, but cannot find it in the 2015 edition. None of the searches or documentation I've found clarifies this.

I have a disk image backup set that's claiming to be corrupted after canceling the start of a new full image due to lack of space. I know that the two previous sets are valid because I auto-validate at the end of each backup operation. To fix the problem I need to delete the older set (to provide space), and to remove any reference to the first file in the new backup set that I canceled. I can't do this without accessing the file list within Acronis, but I can no longer find where that list is.

Thanks in advance for any help or feedback.

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Am I reading this forum post correctly? Has this feature actually been REMOVED in Acronis True Image 2015?

If this is true, then I would NEVER have purchased this version of the software if I had been aware of it.

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The KB Article you reference is for Acronis Backup 11.5 not for True Image 2015. The link below might help

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Enchantech, that link looks promising. I'll look it over to see if it helps.

But what is Acronis Backup 11.5, and why do you think that thread applies to it and not to ATI Home 2015? The forum title and description on the post I linked all unambiguously identify it as for True Image Home 2015.

If the management console is still there in ATI Home 2015, then there should be a way for me to invoke it. How to do so was the thrust of my question. If there is no longer a way to do so, then the statements in the post I linked are accurate and relevant for ATI Home 2015. In that case stating that it is for Acronis Backup 11.5 and not for True Image Home isn't really accurate.

If there is a way to launch the management console, then I would think that simply pointing out how to do so would provide a much simpler solution to my problem.

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And why is ATI Home 2015 declaring an entire backup with two fully validated chains to be corrupted, just because I canceled a new (full) run before it ran out of space? And why isn't it showing me a panel with options to troubleshoot and fix the problem?

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I went through the KB article that Enchantech posted. The alternative presented there is fully consistent with what was said in the KB thread I linked. It presents a solution that (in the best case) involves deleting the existing backup, moving the existing files to a larger drive, and re-creating the backup from them in the new location. Presumably I could also delete the backup settings and re-create them using only the files from one of my valid chain sets, deleting the others. Using the Management Console is not mentioned in it.

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As mentioned above, this feature was never included in the 2015 all new version. If within 30days of purchase, you ar eligible for t he 30 day moneyi back guarantee.

This problem will reoccur unless you set up a new task with automatic cleanup so the deletion will be done manually.
Don't forget, the program creates the new replacment before any deletion occurs so you need to allow room for 1 extra full backup in your space needed calculations.GH64. 71342: 2015 How to save a non-scheduled task.

Depending upon the type of backup scheme you wish to create, here is an example of each type. These can be set up for Disk image, or Partiton, or Files-folders backups. These example show how to set up automatic cleanup so the program will do the deletion after it reaches your set goal of how many chains to retain.

Editing an existing task is not recommended. Better to start with a new task using a new non-identical task name and point to a new storage sub-folder so each task has it own storage folder/sub-folder.

GH11. Create Custom Full Backup Scheme....Store/Keep 4 versions (chains). Use whatever number best fits the individual needs..

GH12. Create Custom Incremental Backup Scheme. ...Keep Full plus 6 Inc per chain. Store/Keep 4 chains. Use whatever number best fits your needs.

GH13. Create Custom Differential Backup Scheme. ...Keep Full plus 2 Diff per chain. Store/Keep 2 chains. Use whatever number best fits your needs.

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Okay, after reading this Thread I found my own solution (all the above mentionend was not realy helpfull...)

First: When you have a Problem just search for for (sometimes use different words) in

Second: The solution for the Problem of Deleting a Single Version of the Backup or "47159: Acronis Backup: How to Delete Backups" was for me this:

So I hope, you find this helpfull, for me I wold have saved me some minutes of googeling and looking around in the Acronis help...