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Recover ATI2018 backup image onto a different machine and ATI 2019.

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My HD crashed. I need to recover my backup (Files and Folders) made using version ATI 2018 which was on the failed HD. The backup images are intact on an external drive, but ATI2019 trial version can't find them on that external drive. I was using the trial version, to save $50 if it wouldn't work. How do I recover my data files and folders using the new machine and 2019 version?

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The trial should allow for recovery, but can only be done with rescue media.

Trial version limitations of Acronis products | Knowledge Base

Acronis True Image 2019 (Windows) Trial 30 days NA NA

Clone disk is disabled

Acronis Cloud Trial Subscription - 30 days

NA You can only recover (restore) a backup when booted from Acronis Bootable Media, other options are disabled. Acronis Universal Restore is not available."