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Does True Image 2020 for Mac Actually Work for Anyone?

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I've been struggling with True Image 2020 for Mac and simply cannot get it to work for a local (NAS) backup. Forget a cloud backup. If it won't even do a reliable local backup, then the cloud isn't feasible.

I'm on a 13" Macbook Pro with Mojave 10.14.6 and no other apparent issues.

I get a message that the backup destination is unavailable; then that it's available; then that it's unavailable. The backup times just get longer and longer and won't conclude. I have tried opening the destination folder in Finder, using the same credentials. It opens without an issue and remains connected. Meanwhile True Image cycles between available and unavailable on the same desktop.

Support has no clue. They advised me to uninstall completely, including deleting all backups and data and then reinstall. I did that, and my scheduled backups ran properly two or three nights in a row and then began failing.

When the backups ran, they completed in 25 minutes or so. After skipping a couple, the destination unavailable problem returned, causing the estimated completion time to continuously grow with no end in sight.

I had this same problem with True Image 2019 for Mac and simply uninstalled it and got rid of it. Support could not solve it then, either. I thought maybe 2020 would provide a solution, but this is just a crazy labyrinth of difficulties with no competent support to help.

Is this actually a viable product? It gets great reviews, but my experience says it's not actually functional software. Is anyone actually having success with this product?

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Dear Melvin,

sorry to know about your negative experience with our software! I haven't found any known issues for the last year similar to the described behavior. In order to find the root cause for the failing backup, we'd need to conduct the more in-depth investigation. If you agree to give us a second chance, I'd suggest opening a support ticket for that (let me know the ticket ID).