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Stop and Delete backup to iCloud

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I never heard of Acronis until today when I read a review ranking it no. 1 by a writer I too never heard of.  Thankfully, I only  download the trial software which I have now deleted.  This program obviously was not written for Mac iOS.  When I began an iCloud backup and realized it would take 4 days to backup my drive, I made a quick decision to stop, delete the files and backup to a portable drive.  Guess what people.... YOU CAN'T STOP THE DOWNLOAD.  In the mac world there is no such thing as right click mouse bla bla bla to exit.  When I tried to get help online the chat help would not even work.... unavailable at this time!  Going back to carbon copy cloner and super duper.... apps that actually work with MAC.  What a waste of time!!!!!!!

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Hello Robert,

Sorry to hear about the difficulties you have faced. See here how to right-click on a Mac.

When you start or stop the backup, there are some preparations that need to be done for either starting or stopping the job. Depending on the amount of data selected for backup and whether your computer is busy with other tasks, you may need to wait up to a minute for the required internal procedures to complete and your backup task actually starts or stops.