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Backing up cell on PC without Wifi and without Cloud: how ?

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One of the things that attracted me in buying True Image 2017 was the ability to backup my cell.  The backup software from Samsung do not work properly on it and I have a very basic setup.

Now that I have installed True Image 2017, I am having a hard time to find out how to do this.

My PC does not have whifi.

I don't want to use Cloud because I will bust both my cell quota and my internet quota.

So the only solution for me is backing up directly on my PC.


How do I do that exactly ?  I want a stepped explained solution.

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I can recall during beta testing there were some problem doing this with Android devices. I had no issues with iOS devices backing up to PC without wifi. As far as I am aware the phone should not be able to tell how the PC is networked (but I might just be ill-inofmed).

If I get a chance I will get out my old Android tablet and see if I can get it to work.


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Hello Browserice,

Thank you for your posting! To allow backing up your mobile device to a local storage on your computer both devices should be connected to the same network. backup should be possible even if the PC is not using WiFi, important is to connect both devices to the network. Here you'll find step-by-step instructions on how to back up your mobile device to a local storage. Please make sure, that you have installed a latest build version available in Google Play (4.0.1) - it contains a lot of improvements. If any questions\difficulties, do not hesitate to contact our support team. So that our colleagues and developers can have more information, please send a feedback from the mobile application. It will contain the log files necessary for investigation. 

Thank you,

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Ugh, my content was deleted as I posted it. Geez.

Brieflly, same issue as Browerice. Updated to 2017 for the ability to back up cells.

No progress on cell phone app. (zero progress). PC says 'calculating time remaining' and them seems to do nothing. Mayber I'm not waiting long enough.

Then, when cell goes to sleep, the PC says 'waiting for the mobile device to reconnect'. Really? When updating the phone from Google Play Store, the phone can sleep and still download and install apps.

But, after reading the posts on this issue, maybe Android devices are the problem?

Any ideas?

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Hello DDunk1946,

Thank you for your posting! The described issue occurs when the WiFi connection is automatically disabled as soon as the device goes into sleep mode. Make sure the setting Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep is set to Always. Did this help? If the issue persists and the backup hangs on Calculating time could you please send us the logfiles as a feedback from the app

Thank you,