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Grover's How to upload attachments or screen captures to the Acronis forum.

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                How to upload screenshot or screen captures to the Acronis forum.

It is much easier to upload a file directly to the Acronis forum than it is to use a 3rd party site for storage or put the pictures inside an Word document. Keep screen shot as small as practical. Don't paste a whole page unless it is really necessary. A jpg or gig or png is the preferred type because of their smaller file size.

If you need help in how to actually make the screen capture, this KB article by Acronis can be very helpful with the basics. KB 6377: Creating Screenshots

Once you have your file ready for uploading, the starting point is either
     a. create a new forum posting, or
     b. reply to a another posting, or
     c. edit your own forum posting.

1. From inside the comment window, click on the File attachments option.
2. Click on the Browse button & browse to the file to be uploaded. Click open.
3. Click Attach to upload the file. Note listing of file types approved for uploading.
4. Click Save to attach the upload file to posting with an updated extended path.
5. Uploaded file will appear as a listed attachment to anyone viewing your posting.

Figure 1:

Attachment listing can now be clicked for separate viewing. Should your attachment be a picture and you additionally want the picture to be viewed along with the text, more detailed steps are necessary for the picture to be actually displayed.

1. First, a clipboard copy is needed of the full path to where the upload has been stored. This revised path can be obtained in one of several methods.

     a. If your Windows Explorer Right Click Menu offers a "Copy Path to Clipboard" option, this option can be very helpful. Right click on the attachment listing( or if using Win7 or Vista, also hold down on a shift key) and click on the "Copy path to clipboard" option (or Copy as path) and copy path into Clipboard. Path pasted from attachment to clipboard is:"

Figure 2:

     b. An alternate method of obtaining the updated path to storage file (after saving attachment) is to edit posting and copy path from underneath the attachment listing into clipboard."

Figure 3:


     c. Now that we have a copy of the upload path inside the clipboard, we can use either of two methods to get the picture to be displayed.

We can paste path into the comments using a command syntax such as
<IMG SRC="path here in between quotes" >--just be sure to include the quotation marks! as,
<IMG SRC="…" />

or we can open the "Rich Text Editor" ; and click the "Insert/Edit Image" option and paste the path into the URL window of the "Image Info" column and click the OK button.

Note: before clicking the OK button, you can adjust the width and height column, if desired. The width and height can also be changed later via an text edit inside the comments area. Another method of adjusting the size of the image is after clicking the OK button below, the picture will appear in the comments area. Use the mouse pointer and grab hold of the upper right corner of the picture and drag the corner smaller.

Figure 4:

Download This PDF Guide

The sample syntax commands which caused the four examples to be displayed is below.

<img src="…" style="width:531px;" alt="Upload-attachment1.jpg" >

<img src="…" style="width:533px;" alt="Upload-attachment2.jpg" >

<img src="…" style="width:600px;" alt="Upload-attachment3.jpg" >

<img src="…" style="width:532px;" alt="Upload-attachment4.jpg" >

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