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Howto do backup generations (GFS-Grandfather,Father,Son) with Acronis TI. (chain2gen)

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I updated to True Image 2018 last weekend.  I set up the backup scripts / tasks from scratch (rather than letting 2018 upgrade them) - these are incremental backups unless the file is not present ... in which case it does a full backup.  I get the 'can't file file - please help' bleat from True Image 2018 ... but then it rolls on and does the full backup.

I tested my backups by ...

a) running them manually from the interface (all successful)

b) running them via short cuts using the magic script number (all successful)

c) running them via windows scheduler using the magic script number (all successful)

The only outstanding issue is the generational part of the batch file where it ages my 9 folders and then runs the backup in a nice fresh (empty) folder.

Results: Fail.  The batch file was swatted aside because it was modifying the backup files (moving them to a new directory).  I believe this is caused by the new feature ... 'Acronis Active Protection'.

I did some googling and there are solutions, but disabling the active protection manually isn't really a solution for me.  My backups occur at 1am in the morning and I am not getting up to hold its hand.

So ... options as I see them (please offer others) ...

1) disable active protection manually on the night my generation aging runs (not ideal)

2) white list so that the batch file runs (not ideal)

3) disable / enable via a scheduled job (can I do this?) and run my generation batch file in this window

4) set up a disabled window (can I do this?) and run my generation batch file in this window